Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Home SPC Hammerle {Mid Michigan Photographer}

First off, I want to thank all of the service men and woman who serve our great Country!! Thank you to you and your families for the sacrifice you make on all our behalves!! God Bless!!

So a little history…I first met Alex in the Fall of 2007 to take his Senior pictures. When I met him, Becky became apart of my life too. She came along for his Senior shoot and we took photos of both of them together at both his senior shoot and hers a few years later. Since then I have become a regular in the family for senior pictures and the last to be in front of my camera was Alex’s brother Ryan. When Becky contacted me at the end of last year and told me about what she had in mind and asked me to do this, she sent me the sweetest email and I just sat there and cried. Truly to be apart of watching the Hammerle’s and Becky welcome Alex home… I wouldn’t miss it!! I felt greatly honored to be apart of this and was thankful to share in this moment.
I also firmly believe as it says in Romans, "We have different gifts according to the grace given us" Romans 12:6 and that God calls us to use our talents and this was an opportunity when I could do something for another family that gives such a great sacrifice to our country.

As anyone who is in the military knows, the exact day and hour of that return is unknown, so I marked off the 4 days we knew it could possibly happen in and Becky and I have been texting back and forth and Hayley literally was sleeping with her phone…lol. Sunday during church (sorry I had to keep the phone on during church for this one) the official text came that he would be catching an earlier flight and we were on our way. I have never been so nervous myself for a shoot, not only was the family pacing at the airport but so was I. I knew I was going to be emotional too, how could you not be? We weren’t able to get through security so we were just outside the security check in. The “photographer” in me saw the worst lighting situation I have ever been in, but as I looked at all the people standing around me, the parents, the sister, the brother, the girlfriend, the grandparents, the thankful Americans, I knew “the emotional value of these images FAR out weighed any technical value they could ever hold.” I was just honored to be there and thankful to witness this moment!!

Welcome Home Alex, thank you for serving our Country!!

Here is Mom, Dad, and Grandpa checking the flight schedule. They all made several trips to view the schedule!!

This was that moment when people started getting off his flight, the look on Mom and Grandma's face as they look back at Becky is priceless...

I can still see her jumping up and down!! Love this moment!!

My favorite...

Becky, Mom, Dad, and Grandma all joining in to welcome home Alex!!

Here is a complete video of the return home. If you haven't already, now would be a good time to grab some tissues. Remember to TURN OFF MAIN BLOG MUSIC before starting video. Main Music is located at the bottom of the blog.


Allison said...

I definitely needed tissues to get through that video! Welcome Home SPC Hammerle, and thank you for defending our freedom. You are greatly appreciated.

sherry boles~ said...

Welcome home and thanks for your service!!!

I'm so happy that you were there to capture these special moments so beautifully, Hayley!

Sabreena K said...

Such an amazing moment to capture! Beautiful job!