Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shepherd High School - Class of 2012 - Senior Rep {Mid Michigan Senior Photographer}

Representing Shepherd High School for the Class of 2012 is Ashley Bellmer. Wow, where do I begin with Ashley.... when she sent me her Rep Application back in the winter of 2010 I was taken aback by many things in her words. There was a sincerity in her love for my photography and excitement to not only have her photos taken by me but to represent my business. When I met her for her session I quickly noticed that she had what I call a very "quiet beauty". As you will quickly see she is very beautiful, but it's that kind of timeless beauty that you can stand back and simply observe through your lens. It wasn't something I felt needed to be posed and I quickly found myself treating her session more like a children's session and became a silent observer. I was so glad I picked the location I did for her shoot, because it allowed me to do that.

On that note of locations, I meant to say this in my last post as well. I am SO very thankful for the people who let me use their property for shoots. Most of both Ashley and Audrey's shoots were mainly on private property and I am so thankful for these locations. They allow such unique and original photos for my seniors. So again thank you so very much!!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings... and onto some beautiful image of Miss Ashley!!

This first one is probably my very favorite, but I must say that is really hard for me to pick a fave of these images.

This is one of those shots, I doubt she even knew I took. I caught her fidgeting with the vine. I just love it!! When I look at it, I "see" her.

Absolute timeless beauty...

Ashley loves flowers, I was so glad I knew where there might be some spring ground coverage :)

I still remember her breaking out in complete laughter while taking this shot. The shots of her laughing are adorable, but for this post I am sharing this one. Love the expression on her face :)

Again... another fave of her just simply being her...

Don't forget....If you attend Shepherd High School or any High School close by, look Ashley up and grab a rep card from her. It will get you some free goodies when you book your ORIGINAL Senior Session with Hayley Hamlin Photography!!
I am now booking summer and fall sessions and my schedule is filling up fast!! Let's tell your senior story :) Till next time...


Julie Monacella Photography said...

As always, your work is gorgeous, Hayley! Just beautiful! And so original.

sherry boles~ said...

Beautiful, Hayley! Love all the creativity!

Allison said...

These are stunning, so incredibly beautiful!!!!!!