Friday, August 2, 2013

Hammerle/Miesch Wedding Day 7-6-13

Where does one even begin with this special couple :)  I first met Alex and Becky back in 2007 when I did Alex's senior pics. Becky came along that day and we actually ended up taking a few photos of them together.  I have to admit when I watched them together I knew someday they would be married :)  A few years later it was time for Becky's senior pictures and I was so honored that because of the experience Alex had for his she wanted me to take hers too.  The day we did her pictures they showed up together and at the end of the session we did some shots of them together.  Since then I have photographed 2 of Alex's siblings for their senior photos so I am no stranger to this family.  A few years back Becky contacted me about doing some very special photos.  Alex is in the Army and had been gone on assignment and Becky was hoping I could be apart of his homecoming.  I will admit nothing could prepare you for the emotions of that experience. I am so thankful I was able to be there for them and capture that special time.  This all leads us up to the day she got the ring. One day I heard my phone go off and attached to a text that read "time to schedule engagement photos" was a photo of her engagement ring. Talk about feeling honored...being one of the first to hear the big news.  I feel like family to both of these families. I have had the honor of sharing in their most important moments and I have to say I look forward to capturing many more. Thank you for letting me apart of all these special times. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness <3  

I love how this shot captures the complete getting ready experience and I love even more Laura (the grooms mom) looking at all this going on with a smile. 

The bride and her mom :)

So beautiful...


The windows in the bridal suite were gorgeous and so was the bride!
This is Becky's sister and Becky is a very proud soon to be Aunt :)
The handcuff tie clip was given to Alex (groom) by his grandpa on his graduation day.  Grandpa passed away 3 months ago and so this was an extra special touch. Alex wore them for the wedding.
I know...are you reaching for the Kleenex yet.  The last time I saw grandpa was at Alex's homecoming, who knew those photos would mean that much more just a short time later.

I have to say this next series is a moment I will never forget. I mentioned to Becky that at a wedding I did a few years back we took a special moment for the dad to see his beautiful daughter for the first time.  This is such a special moment to capture...if you can stop crying long enough to snap the photos. As you can see everyone in the room was crying.

The groom and his mom :)

Brotherly love :)


The groom, his dad, and brothers. 

A happy skip back down the isle
The reception was at Buck's Run in Mt.Pleasant.

I can't even express how much I love these type of shots. They are always hands down my faves. I love it so much I am going to show it in color and b&w :)

And another of my faves...again I know its' not for everyone but I LOVE!


Love the laughter here...I think we were making jokes about how hot it was. No shade to be found that day!

Had to do it....her baby belly was so cute :)

This cake...seriously amazing!  This was done by Candy's Creations in Shepherd.
Beautiful flowers by Tom Billig Flowers in Alma


Never a dull moment...loved their entrance :)

A little girl's first love...

Congratulation Mr & Mrs Hammerle! I look forward to your next big moment :)
May God Bless your marriage always <3



Amelia said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Hayley.


Hayley said...

Thank you so much Amelia Brown :)