Friday, May 31, 2013

Alma College Dance Company {Dance Photography}

Anyone that follows my work knows how much I love to capture the art of dance. It is such a creative release for me.  Several years ago I began taking photos during "tech week" for a local dance studio and fell in love instantly.  This past spring I got a call from Alma College Dance Company to capture their Spring Concert and I could not have been more excited! I was there during their tech week and had an amazing time capturing the dancers.  There is just something about freezing a dance frame that is hard for me to put in words. I know I could never come close to explaining it but recently I ran across this quote from one of my favorite dance photographers and it really sums it up. 
"Looking at a photograph is different from watching a performance. The camera freezes a moment in time that immediately becomes the past. It preserves an instant that is usually not evident to the audience who is watching the dancer pass through it."  ~Gene Schiavone
Please enjoy a few of the highlights from the Alma College Dance concert as I saw it from my lens <3 






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