Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Melissa & Alan ~ Fall Wedding {Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer}

So this wedding is going to be posted completely out of order, but since blogger has finally made it easy for me to load and re size photos, I am trying to catch up on some 2011 highlights.  This wedding was certainly a highlight.  The venue was the beautiful Bucks Run of Mt.Pleasant, MI.  I have to say I have been a guest a reception hosted at Bucks Run before but this was a first as a photographer.  Can you say excited :)  The night of the rehearsal, it looked like rain may threaten this beautiful outdoor wedding location, but God helped us out a little and we had some amazing weather.  I mean really, beautiful blue skies when you needed them and then when the rain clouds came in all they did was made for some gorgeous dramatic skies for pics. We never saw a drop of rain, thank you God!   So without further delay, here is the September wedding that missed being featured on the blog...

First up, the details. 
The  Bridal Suite at Bucks Run made for some beautiful shots :)

The brides shoes, which she loved and I mean how could you not? They are awesome!

Again with the shoes :)

See Beautiful Blue Skies before the wedding...

So we are at Buck's Run and if you aren't aware, its' a beautiful Golf Course.  So, I had to do something fun and creative with the rings :)


The bouquets were stunning, as were all the flowers.  Four Seasons Floral  did an amazing job!

Wedding Ceremony

One of my favorite shots of the bouquets was from the ceremony :)

So this is hands down my favorite shot of the wedding.  As you can see I had some pretty amazing scenery to work with at Buck's Run.  I'd have this hanging up huge in my house if it were my wedding photo :)

The guys making their way to photos....

boys will be boys... that's all I can say about this

As I said, there were so many amazing places to take photos on the Golf Course...

This is one of my favorite shots from the wedding. It is just after they were married, the smile says it all :)

Then we made our way to do the bride and groom shots, of course the adorable flower girl was tons of help :)

Some more faves of the beautiful bride and groom :)

See what I mean blug skies went to storm clouds but it made for some drama which I big time love!! 

The fun wedding party!!

And I do mean FUN!!

Thank you again Melissa and Alan for letting me capture your special day. I am looking forward to capturing something very special for you in the near future!! Can't wait :)

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Jewel said...

Congratulations!..Alan & Melissa.
May you enjoy a lasting and happy life and deep respect for each goes the distance...Your photos was wonderful...really liked the first and third one!!!