Monday, June 27, 2011

Play Time with Ellie :) {Mid Michigan Child Photographer}

This has been something I have had in my head for a session for along time, and I knew this session was perfect for it. Back in the beginning of June I got to meet up with Miss Ellie and her little sis Nora for our 2nd session. Our sessions are always filled with playtime and I was so excited to see them again. Apparently I left quite the impression on Miss Ellie from our first session and she talks about me often in their household. I love hearing that about children, the fact that they have fun at our sessions and think of them as playtime means the world to me. About a month before our session, she came up to me at dance class gave me a big hug and said guess what "Hayley Hamlin" (it's never just, I got a new pink dress for our session :) I knew she was excited, I was excited to see her too!! I loved this little girl, she melts my heart. Anyway, Miss Ellie deserves her own post, just like she got on facebook. As I said there... Here is just 1 from "my" conversation with Miss Ellie on the phone. As you can see... I am Yup, that would have been a picture in itself a camera in one hand and a tin can phone held up to my ear in the other!! Never a dull moment in one of my sessions :)

We had a tea party, talked on the phone, looked for butterfies, and danced and twirled till our hearts were content :) More to come soon from Miss Ellie and Miss Nora's session!!

till next time :)


shannon said...

LOVE these! So fun and so full of childhood laughter. I ove the idea of the tin can phone -- I might have to use that for my kids photos this summer.!

Sabreena K said...

This made me cute!