Monday, February 21, 2011

Senior Pictures…so much more than just a picture.... {Mid MIchigan Senior Photographer}

Senior pictures…so much more than just a picture.... YOUR story!!
As we are getting even closer to 2012 senior season being in full swing I want to share a few thoughts for you about what senior photos truly are to me. As a parent myself, I can tell you that senior photos are a very special time/ milestone in the life of your son or daughter. They aren’t just photographs you have taken for the sake of taking a photograph, they are so much more. They are truly a reflection of who your son or daughter is in this moment of their life. I treat each individual senior as just that, the individual that they are. This is a unique experience for every senior. I get to know each senior so I can plan a session that fits them and their unique style. I want them to look back on this as an experience that expressed them as an individual and tells a story about them. I remember back to my senior photos, we won’t say how long ago that was…lol, but first off the photographer and I had no connection what so ever and the photos did not reflect anything about me as an individual. I knew when I started photographing seniors, I wanted to be original, unique and I wanted the seniors I photographed to have unique photos that truly reflected them. Well, if the photos reflect a unique individual, then they will be unique photos, right. So choosing a photographer for this special moment is more than ever of high importance. One of my 2010 seniors parents, got it, they understood the importance of choosing the right photographers and in part of their thank you letter to me, they said this…“Boy did we ever get lucky when we chose you to take Rebecca's Senior Pictures. I hope other families will make a careful selection for their Senior Pictures because they will indeed last a Lifetime!” Yes, they do last a lifetime!! How sad would it be if you let just anybody takes your son or daughters photos? Sadly this is happening more and more in the digital age we are in. Last year I answered several phone calls where I heard the regret people had because they let a relative, sister, uncle, cousin, friend, (and the list goes on) take their son or daughters senior photos. And now they were calling me to have professional senior photos taken. So as you get ready to book this special “experience” for YOUR senior, think about how important this moment is and that it truly is MORE than just senior pictures.
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Original Senior Photos that are all about YOU!!

I have shared this slideshow before, but thought is was an appropriate one to share with this post. This is my Alma High School Class of 2011 Senior Rep...Miss Hailee Chubb :)

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