Friday, February 18, 2011

{My Beautiful Child Contest~Dandelions & Daisies} WINNERS ANNOUNCED {Mid Michigan Child Photographer}

Thank you ALL for entering {My Beautiful Child Contest~Dandelions & Daisies}. As I have said many times throughout this contest…truly everyone is a winner in my book. Children are such a blessing and I blessed to be able to capture their beauty with my camera!! This fun contest was simply just a way to return some of my life’s blessings and I thank you all again for making it so enjoyable for everyone. I was truly touched by many of the posts about my photography that were posted when people would share the links to this contest. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, none of your words went un-noticed!! SO, as much as I’d love to declare everyone a winner, we have 2 big prizes to give out. I have to say there were about 4 entries that were neck and neck the whole way through!! It came right down to the wire. You guys were keeping me on my toes :) In fact I had to call in help from my fellow photog friends (Alli and Denise) to keep watch at noon. I had 1 texting me and 1 leaving a comment as a double checking system. Thank you both for your help! But before we announce the Big Winners, I want to extend a little something special as my way of thanks to EVERYONE that entered in the contest. EVERYONE who entered receives a $50.00 PRINT CREDIT to be used towards a 2011 session. As stated in the contest rules, these sessions are for the children you entered in the contest only. Your session needs to be booked by March 1st along with your paid session fee to take advantage of this special offer and your session must take place by June 15th 2011. These are credits towards prints, not a discount towards your session fee and you must still sign and abide by Hayley Hamlin Photography's Client Contract/Policies Forms.

Okay, now onto the WINNERS!!!

1st Place and winner of GRAND PRIZE with 241 “likes” is "E&N"

The Grand Prize Includes.... Full Session Fee ($100.00 value) and a Custom Image Box holding 35-50 proofs from your session ($695.00 value). Total Prize is valued at $795.00 2nd Place and

Runner Up with 233 "likes" is "W"

This prize includes...$200.00 Gift Certificate to be used on a 2011 Session. (Must take place before June 15th)

I also am adding an EXTRA prize in the contest for MOST CREATIVE way to get votes. That goes to “L&A” #61 for the adorable shot of the twins wearing shirts with direction on how to vote. This was very creative and too cute!! For your creative use of getting votes, you receive a $100.00 PRINT CREDIT towards a 2011 session.

ALL WINNERS PLEASE SEE THE FULL SET OF RULES ABOUT CONTEST (1st photo in album). This contains information about where sessions take place, when they need to take place by, and other information about your winnings. Also I will be contacting you all about your winnings :)Thank you again everyone!! :) I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!!

Hayley :)

till next time...

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