Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More of the "N" family :) {Michigan Child Photographer}

Get ready...image over load again :) I just can't help it, there are too many from this session to share :) And I still could honestly show more, but ya gotta stop somewhere right ;) Mom and Dad are probably more ;) But never fear the proofs are on their way!!

Anyway, I have to say these 2 sweeties set a blog record for # of hits in 1 day when I posted their sneak peek the other day. So thank you to mom and dad for sharing the sneak peek with all your friends and family!! I really appreciate it!!

Okay, so first off...this pic I adore. Something about the interaction here just gets me!!

This one truly is one of my very faves. The dramatic light combined with the b&w and the way her eyes are piercing right through me...WOW, I love it!!

What I loved about this session was the mix of photos I was able to get. I was able to be apart of this families everyday life. Just sitting back and quietly observing things like Mom or Dad playing with the kids, or feeding time, or even playing at the craft table. Those truly are the best pictures, are they not? And I am blessed to be able to capture them for families.

I love this one, taking a little break in between pics for a bottle and a rest. And again...I get to quietly observe. I am truly honored!!

Babies playing with their feet, one of my favorite types of shots for this age.

"K" playing at her craft table. it happens. I love shots like this.

A little fun with Mom :)

The cute laugh :) Dad knows what she's laughing about ;)

Till next time...

If you are stopping by, I'd love to hear what ya think :)


Jenny said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Wonderful..I LOVE the natural shots!! Especially of the one where he's feeding her. He'll keep that for a lifetime...!!! WOW

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Beautiful Hayley! Love the emotion, the smiles, the sweetness you captured. You really told the story of the whole family. :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh my gosh, Hayley! I love them all again - esp the ones with Daddy. And...totally funny! I was looking at them and thought - gosh - that guy looks familiar! Then I went back and saw his comment and the last post and realized I DO know him! We were RAs together at CMU. Small world!!

Mr. N - if you see this - its Barb K from Cobb staff!

Denise Snyder said...

I love EVERYTHING about these Hayley!!! What a beautiful session!

Ali said...

So beautiful and so unique to capture them playing.
Love your B&W conversions on these Hayley and that last picture of that little girl giggling and screwing her nose up is just so precious!

Nicole K said...

Love all of these Hayley! Especially the more candid ones with Dad... absolutely beautiful!!!

Picture Perfect said...

What fabulous images! These are great Hayley.