Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Baby "E" {Michigan Baby Photographer}

Didn't think she could get any cuter from my last post...well you were wrong..LOL. She couldn't have been any more perfect either...happy when I needed her to be and even tuckered out for some beautiful sleeping shots.

I have to be honest, I usually find this age (3 months) very challenging. Babies at this age are kind of at that "in-between" stage where they don't curl anymore since they are past the newborn stage and they aren't ready to sit up for you. Usually 6 months is the next milestone where babies are lots fun, they are confident sitters and that makes for some great shots. But I have to be honest, I really enjoyed this session and after trying lots of things with this little one I think I won't be so leery of this age group anymore. She loved being in my bowls, baskets, and on just about whatever material I put her on. She was very happy and it was also really nice to have her fall asleep. Because there is nothing more peaceful that seeing a sleeping baby, no matter what the age :)

Here's a couple of the happy baby :)

Then onto the peaceful sleep.

I love how she looks like she is praying in this one.

And I'll leave you with 1 more of her happy little face :)

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Barbara Manatee said...

that blanket looks so soft and comfy to curl up in!!!

love her adorable smiles!

Allison said...

Oh my goodness, she is so stinkin cute! Look at those yummy rolls and that bright smile! Great work capturing her, Hayley!

Laura said...

Oh, love these too! What a doll baby! You're my inspiration!:)

Nicole K said...

Beautiful as always, Hayley! :)

Jenny said...

OH MY GOSH!! She's so adorable!! Great shots!!

Denise Snyder said...

Hayley I just LOVE these shots! Love the giggles you got from her!

Ali said...

She's so pretty. And what a beautiful smile she has!