Thursday, February 19, 2009

Senior Special Extended & Facebook

Sorry I went MIA lately. We have had a terrible bout with illness in our household...of which we are still trying to get through. But we are finally getting there. Man...I am SO ready for winter to be over!!

So...a few of my photog friends got me into facebook awhile back and really all I can say is I am trying...LOL. More than not it gets neglected but I am getting better :) So in addition to my regular facebook page, I had started working on a Photog Group Page and then well things got crazy with illness and it just sat. Well finally I had some time to load some pics and invite some members and get it going. (still have some more pics to load and things to do) but for the most part there are some things there :) So in light of the new group I have decided to extend the Senior Special that was running through Jan and Feb. It will now run through the end of March.

In case you missed the special here are the details...

DVD and Proof book Combo for $295.00
(reg price $400.00 and all min purchase requirements waived)

You can see a sample of the DVD at the top of the blog, just make sure to turn off the main blog music before viewing.
*EXTENDED until the end of hurry!!
(session fees must be paid now to hold dates)

See the senior site here HAYLEY HAMLIN SENIOR SITE

Also...from time to time I will be running specials for facebook fans only. So what ya waiting for...come on over and join the Hayley Hamlin Photography Group.
Email me at to join. :)

And because I can't post without a pic and the special is for's a beauty from the graduating class of 2009.

If you are stopping by, don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you!!
till next time...


Denise Snyder said...

STUNNING image Hayley!!! So glad you're feeling better!

Kara May said...

Glad you're feeling better - being sick is horrible especially when you're whole family has it. Lovely image :)

Jenny said...

Good to know you're feeling better. Thank you for extending the senior specials. I let my boss know about the extension. She wants to get her son's letters on his jacket before the pics. So she's in a waiting stage but will call soon to set up a time. :)