Monday, November 5, 2007

Total Cuteness!!!!

This cutie pie is almost 2 and I am telling you she is on the GO!!! This shoot was a lot of fun but I chased and chased her...LOL. I always tell my clients though, that is what it's about at this age, they are movers and you spend most of your time chasing and catching them in the moment.
I have LOTS of patience and ya know it's the in the moment shots that are the best anyway :)
So this is "P" and she LOVES kittens and I am shocked that I was able to get any shots without a kitten in the pictures. But ya know what that's how her years of being 2 will be remembered :)

This one is so cute...and yup there's a kitten in those little hands :)

This is that "catch me if you can" look!! LOL.

And here we are running some more...yup we did lots of chasing!! But it was fun :)

Love these last 2 for more artistic reasons!! I think either one of them would be beautiful as greeting cards.

Especially this one!! It is one of my very very favorites from the shoot. This barn was SO cool and I caught her peeking through the crack of the doors. But the little tilt of her head is just too adorable. I have this marked on recent favs in a long skinny crop where you can see the whole barn, check it out to the right :)


meggie said...

LOL she was on the go, what a fun session. and you are right she is a total cutie!

Barbara Manatee said...

what fun! Love that last one, peeking through the barn!

Picture Perfect said...

These are wonderful Hayley! What a little doll.

dale ann cubbage said...

These are all wonderful! You are so good, Hayley!! Your whole blog looks fabulous! Love seeing all that talent come pouring out!!