Friday, November 9, 2007

Gallery Mounts

I am SO excited!! I got my first Gallery Mount today and it could not be more beautiful!! Of course this is one of my very favorite images so I had to get this one for my first piece!!
These pictures just will not do it any justice but I wanted to show you all this new product that I will be offering. Gallery Mounts are a modern way to display your images in your home. They come ready to hang so there is no need for framing. They come in a variety of sizes and thickness levels and are also available in matte or glossy finish. The edges have a beautiful bevel finish to them providing a sleek classic look.

The mount shown is a 3/4 inch mount and it is a 10x20 print.

Here is a close up of the thickness and bevel edge of the mount. Your image is heat fused to the top of the surface and then coated and textured.

Here it is hanging on a wall, but unfortunately today was so dark and dreary I had to pull out my flash and so the coloring of the wall is a bit yuck!! :)

This is the back view of the mount. It has a keyhole opening for hanging of the piece.

For more information and or pricing of this product, please contact me at


Ali said...

Oh my goodness Hayley! That is totally GORGEOUS!!! A timeless masterpiece!!!

Alisha said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE that image!!! It looks AWESOME as your header!!! I LOVE those gallery mounts. I sale those WAY more than I do the standouts. They're simply GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!