Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Senior Style!!!

Just wanted to say a thank you to the seniors who have graced my new senior business cards. :) These are front and back folded business cards and wow was it hard picking photos from your sessions!!
As an extra thank you if you are on my business card you will get a free set of wallets of the picture that is on the business if you are on it twice, then you get 2 sets of wallets :) Just my way of saying thank you for your business!

When folded this is the front and back of the card.

And this is the inside of the card

This batch was printed on textured pearl paper, which I am still not sure if I am in love with that paper so I may reprint them before giving them out, but here is what they look like folded...

Thanks so much to all of you!!
Also I am about to redo my childrens cards and I will be offering the same deal for those :)


Sherry B said...

Your cards look great, Hayley!
What an honor for these seniors!

Barbara Manatee said...

What a neat format! Looks great!