Friday, September 28, 2007

More "I" and "W"

As are more of these 2 little cutie pies!! Oh my we had so much fun in this fountain!! This thing was SO cool, it is one of those huge water fountains that squirt water sporadically and the kids LOVED it!! I could have watched them all day, it was too fun!! It was a bit difficult getting shots without a lot of stuff in the background though, I swear it was a photographers dream location there and there were quite a few photogs there doing sessions. (but out of my normal bummer I can't use this are more).

I know another back shot...but I could not help it...this is SO cute of him looking where the water comes out, kinda surprised he didn't get a spray of water...he got lucky :)

Okay...are you sure about this? I know that is what the older one is thinking, but by the end, he was drenched and having a ball!!

And a few more from the beautiful park...aren't these kids adorable!! :)

Hope you enjoyed :) I will be in contact when your proofs are ready :) Thanks again!!

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Brian and Becky said...

Oh my gosh! These are great!!!