Friday, July 6, 2012

Letters ~ {Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer}

First off...I am sorry my blog has been completely neglected. It's been way too long and there have been way too many sessions not featured, I will try to do much better! So..we are going to start back up with one of my favorite couples :)
 Becky and Alex are no stranger to my lens.   I have to say I knew these 2 would get married the moment I met them for Alex's senior pics in 2006. I just never knew I'd play such a huge role in their lives.  I have photographed both their senior pics, but most recently I had the huge honor of photographing Alex's homecoming photos.   That was such an emotional and beautiful thing to be apart of with their family!  But then one afternoon I had a text come through on my phone and it was an engagement ring with a message about wedding planning and photos.  I have to say it was so awesome that Becky wanted me to be apart of her excitement and I could tell she was excited to start planning photos!  We talked alot about their engagement photos and one thing we both really wanted to incorporate was the military part of their lives. When we spoke about that, she knew she wanted to incorporate her letters and I wanted those photos to be very special.  Thank you to trusting my vision on these shots and enduring the heat :) 
I hope these photos make you "feel" !  I know I can never fully understand the sacrifice a military family faces, but I do know how much I am thankful for them and their service to our country! God Bless <3

Also..I want to say a huge thanks to Gray's Furniture in downtown Mt. Pleasant for letting me use their store to complete my vision. 

Make sure to leave a little love for this beautiful couple and for all those who serve <3 
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Rebecca said...

Beautifully said Hayley! Alex & i are so grateful to have you be apart of our lives! The photos & memories are cherished so much! I cannot wait for more to come!:)

Sabreena K. said...

So much emotion...beautifully captured!