Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lindsay & Aaron Engaged {Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer}

I really need a new blog, I am telling ya. The main reason I do not blog that much is I absolutely do not have time to change the code of all these photos to resize them every time I blog a session. This post I am sharing a lot of pics, so sadly... not going to happen with the resizing. But on my list of things to do... is a new blog, so hopefully that will be fixed soon enough :) And I know most people are following on facebook these days and I wonder how many actually follow the blog.... But for those that do, I will keep posting :)

So this past summer I met up with Linsday and Aaron in Bay City. I have to be honest this was my first trip to Bay City and I fell in love instantly. I could shoot in the downtown area all day, and then add the beaches to that as well... made for some fun for sure!! They have a December 2011 wedding planned in Bay City and I am looking forward to it!!

Now, onto the photos :)

We actually ended at the beach, but I am going to start with those...

And now onto the downtown Bay City photos...

Till next time

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