Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little Fashion for your Wednesday :) {Michigan Photographer}

I hope you don't kill me Kammi for posting these first...LOL. But my goodness, how smokin are these!!
I recently did a session for "K"'s daughter and of course I always tell the parents to dress to be in pics too because you never know when I am going to sneak in some interaction shots. Never want to miss those moments. Now...I promise most of the session was focused on her daughter, but there happened to be this old truck at the location we used and I am telling you, you should have seen me, like a kid in a candy store. Especially when you have a gorgeous model!! And since senior season is in full swing right now and this is very much in accordance with my senior style, I told her I'll be posting these soon :)
Kammila is Owner and Stylist of the Purple Pear Salon right here in our very own downtown. Stop in and see her to get your awesome style :) She has a gorgeous Salon, I love to borrow props from their...yep you guessed it, that's where the cool chair is from ;)
Okay, I am rambling again...LOL. I will post more soon of your beautiful daughter!! Thanks for spending the evening with me and trooping through the humidity and the rain. Yup...we even played a bit in the sprinkles of rain (camera rain gear works awesome by the way!!).

I must rocked these Kammi :)

Oh...yes we did, had to have a few of both of them together. Can't wait to show you all the ones of her beautiful daughter by her self :) So stay tuned!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thank you everyone for your patience through this busy summer. There is so very much more to come. I have been meeting so many awesome clients this summer!!

Also on that note...if you want a session with me this fall, don't hesitate!! The fall dates are already filling up fast!! :)

till next time...


Picture Perfect said...

Very cool. Love the use of the truck!

Barbara Manatee said...

great as always!!

Jaidean Baker said...

I love these, Hayley! Beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

love your use of the truck and the last one has such an amazing connection!

J'Lynn said...

Just beautiful!!!

Denise Snyder said...

Hayley I am so totally blown away by these images... they're truly spectacular!!

Nicole K said...

Love these! Especially that last one! Great work as always, Hayley!