Monday, June 15, 2009

Celebrate 15 Years of APA-DVD and Online Gallery are ready :)

The Academy of Performing Arts Dance Recital pics are uploaded to an online gallery. If you would like the link to that, please contact myself or Kathy. You can contact me at

Also, all photos and the DVD are for sale, for pricing, please contact me as well.

And here is the video...enjoy!! If you would like pricing or any info on this, please contact me via the MAIN WEBSITE or at

Also, just a little info on the DVDs. For blog viewing, the DVD sample is very low resolution. For purchase you get a high resolution DVD able to viewed on t.v.'s, computers, etc. :)

(located at bottom of blog)

And because I can't post without some more pictures. Here are a few more from the recital. Since most of the others I showed were in color, this time I decided to show all artistic ones in B&W :) Imagine that...LOL ;)

Again, a few more from C.Z.'s senior solo dance.

And because I have had several people ask me why on earth I didn't post this one the first time out, here it is, "The Leap" :)

Till next time...


meggie said...

TOTALLY incredible images Hayley!!!!

Julie M said...

Just beautiful Hayley! Your style compliments the dancers perfectly.

Kim Burnham said...

um. . . . WOW!!!! wow wow wow! I lov ethese - that leap shot is amazing! it must be huge on a wall somewhere and your waiting on a hero shots brought me to tears. Great work here - you're rocking it girl!

Picture Perfect said...

These are gorgeous in black and white Hayley! Love the leap!

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Wow Hayley! They are so dreamy - the mood you captured and the processing - so beautiful!

Jaidean Baker said...

These are gorgeous, Hayley!!!

Karen Johnson said...

Stunning images Hayley, especially that last one :)