Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Senior Site-sneak peek

Well if you went to my main site last night you may have already gotten a sneak peek at the new senior site. Since things are still a bit messed up...who knows what you'll get for awhile ;)
But yes, things are in the works and hopefully it will all be straightened out soon (I am keeping my fingers croosed). So for now here's a sneak peek at part of the new senior site. I hope to launch it stay tuned!!
And yes, the main site still may be a bit wacky for awhile and possible still be over run by the senior one, don't freak out...I'm doing that enough for everyone...LOL

If you can't access the main site and need anything, feel free to drop me an email at Client Proofing access can be obtained from link at the top of the blog. Thanks.

till next time...

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