Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Photo Rings :)

It's been along time since I've added any jewelry to my collection, and since photo rings are my very favorite pieces I went in search of some new and unique ones and I found some real beauties!!

First let me start off by saying, I kinda have to apologize, I generally show my jewelry "finished" meaning with the pictures cast on them, but with the time constraints, I wanted to show these new rings, so unfortunately they will have to be shown as blanks.

Now onto the rings...
A note about my jewelry...
All rings are Sterling Silver and are available in sizes 6,7,8 & 9. For pricing and complete information on the rings including image sizes on rings, please contact Hayley at

The first is The Chunky Square Swivel Ring. It is 2 sided but because of the heavy coating that goes on it, only 1 side can be coated. You could get the other side engraved though, that would make it extra special :)

The next 2 rings, are the Oval Roped Ring and the Simple Rectangle Ring. These are both on the dainty side. Both are beautiful.

This next one is pretty cool. It is a Locket Ring. You can either get your image on the front and leave the inside blank, or you can have 2 images put on the inside just as a normal locket. Or you can do all of the above :) If the images are on the inside, no coating can go on them just as a normal locket is un-coated.

Also don't forget to check out the other favorites from the Hands to Heart photo jewelry by Hayley line. These pieces make excellent Christmas gifts. The cut off for Christmas orders is Nov. 10th for local orders. If shipping is involved please contact me for deadlines. You can see the complete collection on my website under the Boutique.

till next time...


Picture Perfect said...

I never did order my ring last year. I love these Hayley! Thanks for the reminder - lol.

Julie M said...

They're so pretty! I bet they'll be very popular.