Friday, August 15, 2008

More "M" Urban Part 1

Okay...since there are SO many to show from M's session, I am going to show them in groupings. As I said, M was so kind as to help me out and test out some new locations and was up for some new and fun stuff, so therefore...lots of pics :) In fact we even broke her session into 2 different days so we could go out of town for some of the pics stuff :)

The first ones I am going to show are some of the urban ones, we found a great location behind a vacant restaurant in a neighboring downtown. Made for some great pics.

She plays the saxophone...but we had to do something fun and here it is ;)
I love how she crosses her little toes...LOL...too cute!!

HELLO GORGEOUS!! Look at those eyes!!

More to come...we did some artsy shots as well with her prom dress and some balloons that she is stunning in...can't wait to share those as well. Thanks again "M" for being such a trooper :)

AND don't forget to check out my new website and the specials to go along with the new larch of the website :) All located in the blog post titled new website :)

till next time...


sherry boles~ said...

Wonderful locations! I really like the "feet" shot too! :)

Allison said...

Awesome locations, Hayley! And what a gorgeous girl. LOVE the sax shot!!!

Julie M said...

These are beautiful Hayley! I love your location and the sax shot rocks!

Laura Lynne Photography said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Hayley!!!