Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Take me Away...

Balloons and kids is such a fun and beautiful combination!! Last year I used balloons for my daughters special birthday and have been using them in sessions ever since :) Recently I had a session where the little girl will be turning 4 and the little boy 1 so how could we NOT do balloons for these special birthdays :) I got some pink for the little girl and for the little boy I got blue and red (that way we could choose which color coordinated with outfits). After we were done with the shots we needed with the individual balloons we put them all together and let the little girl play, they ended up being my very favorites from the balloon portion of the session.

This first one screams joy and childhood excitement. I know "A" wasn't planning on being in any pictures but I couldn't help it. Even though "E" is running away from me and towards the balloons I can feel and see that huge smile on her face!! I love this one!!

This one is where I get the title for my post. You may want to click on it to see it large, but I love how she is holding up her hand as if the balloons could take her away at any moment.

And this one...I adore her expression.

More to come soon. I have SO many from this session I can't wait to share. And thank you to the "M" family once again for sharing your family with me!! I love working with you all :)


Barbara Manatee said...

That just screams fun!!! You totally nailed it that you can see her excitement even though you can't see her face. very cool!

Stueller said...

I love your black and whites... they are beautiful!