Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Post Day :) More for the "M" Family

I want to share a few more from this session so you get 2 posts today :)
Look at this beauty!! I love the way a child's eyelashes rest gently on their cheek when they look down. It's one of those captures I can't help but get!!

And yeah...little "B" is making his grand appearance in this post. We took more of big sis this time, since last time I photographed these kiddos he took center stage ;)

Does it get any cuter?

Yup, "B" is turning 1!!

I wanted to mention, the dress this little girl is wearing in many of this pics is from the fabulous Scarlet Stitch!! If you have not checked this place out, you need to :) The link is on my blog under Boutiques. This is the "Limited Edition Sunday Sash Dress"

"he loves me...he loves me not" This image is one of my very favorites from the session!!

And 1 more of the 2 cuties together! These children are SO beautiful, it was such a pleasure to be able to photograph them again. I just adore how she is kissing his tiny little hand :)

Thank you again "M" family. Your proofs are on their way :)

till next time...


Kara May said...

Simply adorable!

Stueller said...

This is one of my favorite sessions from you. Beautiful!

Picture Perfect said...

Love these all Hayley! That was an awesome session no doubt!

fawndear said...

Wow! I just found your site and so wish I lived closer so you could capture my six munchkins. Amazing pictures.
Wow, again.

Ali said...

I love these Hayley!

Nicole said...

These are FANTASTIC Hayley! Love them ALL!