Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Scarlet Stitch"

So...I have been seriously stalking the Scarlet Stitch website since like last fall :) I was introduced to this children's clothing line that is so timeless and unique and I just fell in love with these clothes!! If you have not checked out the link on my blog to this clothing company you absolutely must!! Anyway, the thing is everything is pretty much one of a kind so if you see your size...order it because they go fast!! Last fall I got on too late and the sizes I needed were gone and then it got so cold here I just decided to wait till spring. So early this spring I started checking for the outfit I wanted but the dress I wanted didn't have my size so I just decided to email them because I had to have these clothes...LOL. I have to tell you, GREAT customer service!! They emailed me back right away and asked what style I was looking for and said they would custom make it for me to all coordinate!! I was so excited, I mean you have to understand this clothing matches my style of photography so much...and I have actually had some visions of pictures in my head for like a year that I have wanted to try this summer that of course would be perfect for a Scarlet Stitch outfit :) I know I am strange but I think pictures out in my head all the time :) So, I got my outfit and I absolutely LOVE it, I have been impatiently waiting for some warm weather to get outside and do some pics, but it's been so darn cold here!! onto the picture I have been dreaming of...well it didn't really happen as my vision. My true vision was one of those large stand up mirrors, ya know the ones that have kinda of that antique look. Then the little girl sitting on a stool playing make believe in the mirror. I visioned an open field with tall grass or under a large tree that had like a large arching branch. Well I couldn't find the I remembered I had this old mirror that used to be the top of an antique dresser and so I thought...let's give it try. Of course location was my next little dilemma, could not find my open field or my tree, but I did find this location. So anyway, like I said this is not what my original "vision" was, but I do still love the way it turned out...sometimes we have to go with what we have :)

Sorry for being so long winded this post...LOL
So again, if you have not checked out Scarlet Stitch...follow the link in this post or I have the link on my blog as well. More to come of this little darling in her new Scarlet Stitch outfit :) She is wearing a Blossom Dress, Bloomers, and A Tuffet Hat :)


Allison said...

Oh my Hayley- it is BEAUTIFUL! perfectly timeless and so uniquely you! I am in love with it! ( I also checked out the Scarlet Sticth and I am so going to buy something from there- beautiful clothes and so reasonably priced!

Ali said...

A magical portrait Hayley! :o)