Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!!

Especially picked for you with love!! I love how when children pick flowers for you, it is almost always dandelions, so that is why I chose them for this image. My kids love to pick them as much as any child. It's just simply part of childhood.
I hope you all enjoy your day on Sunday with your children. Have a blessed Mothers Day!!

Love, Hayley


Barbara Manatee said...

My two little ones are starting to take notice of the flowers and dandelions! Just this week though, I got a good old dandelion bouquet from a student in another class that I'd helped out earlier this week. Her gesture was so sweet and I'm so glad I touched her life this week :-)

Denise Snyder said...

Happy mothers day to you too Hayley! This is such a sweet and perfect image for the day. :)

meggie said...

LOVE this Hayley!!!!I love Dandelions too, I have too b/c we sure have them, LOL

Kara May said...

What a gorgeous image!!!! LOVE IT! Just ran across your blog and couldn't help but comment on this :)