Thursday, November 1, 2007

"T" Family

This is more of the little cutie pie I posted yesterday and her family. They were so much fun!! And as you can see, up for some different stuff which anyone that's had a session with me knows I love to do different stuff :)

I love how she is in her own world, totally uninterested in Mom and Dad smooching in the background....LOL

And yes...I can do traditional :) Here is their beautiful family!!

LOVE this!! If you could see the joy on her face!! Isn't the blue sky beautiful!!

Had to add this one because it just cracks me up...LOL. She was getting tired but it is so cute how she is just again in her own little world, like come on Mom and Dad let's get this over with :)

And just another one of them enjoying a little family time :)

Hope you enjoyed another sneak peek :)


Picture Perfect said...

These are terrific Hayley. I love the pov of the baby "flying" with daddy's help.


Denise Snyder said...

These are WONDERFUL Hayley!!!!