Friday, October 26, 2007

Be Driven...

I recently had the privilege of photographing a senior that is big into sports. We photographed several of the sports he participates in but the one we focused on the most was golf. I am only posting 1 today, there will be more golf and other sports images to come but this one I feel is a very special image. When I see it there are so many words that come to mind...






Power get where I'm going with this!! I knew when we were at the golf course at this tee that it was going to be something special. Sometimes you just know!!

I could not wait to get home and see how this one turned out...I hope you see the art and the message that I see when you look at this photo!!

Thanks "A" for your patience :) It was nice to be able to take some different shots as well as the normal senior shots :)

Here it is...Let the image speak for itself...

(click on the image to view larger)


Sherry B said...

Wonderful image, Hayley!

Laura said...

Absolutely AWESOME!!! You have incredible insight and you captured a real "image" that speaks more than words ever could!!
Thank you!

Hayley said...

Thanks Sherry.
And Laura, your comment means a great deal!! I am so glad you like it, it is one of my favorites!! You are more than welcome and I thank you very much for allowing me to capture these memories for your family!! :)

meggie said...

Incredible session Hayley!!!