Monday, September 17, 2007

Sneak Peek for "M"

Seniors Seniors...yes it is definitely that time of year :) Here are a few from a session I did over the weekend. It was a bit cold but "M" was a trooper and we got lots of great pics :)
This first one is one of my very favs...I knew when I was taking it it was going to be special, the light was hitting her just perfectly, I have to laugh, she probably thought I was nuts, I said...don't move, the light is perfect...just gorgeous and that it is!! I have a couple versions of this picture because I took several but today will share this one.

This...well, we were both laughing so hard I'm surprised I got a picture (she knows why) but sure am glad I did because I love how it turned out :)

And I have to say....look at those eyes!! Amazing girl!!

Okay...this is the very first picture I took, she didn't even know I took it. Sometimes those make for some very artsy pictures and some cool one and I love it. I was getting my camera setting ready to start, she was looking down and waiting and here ya go....a beautiful piece of art :)

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meggie said...

Simply Gorgeous Hayley!! Perfect senior, Perfect light, perfect location!! Awesome job!!